Toronto App Development Trends to Follow in 2017


Today, mobile apps have become a critical part for the growth of any organization. Since the Mobile technology is blooming all over the market, this creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers to explore the products and services they offer. They also trying to change the way users interact with the world or perform their day-to-day tasks.

As the number of apps growing exponentially, while users are getting tired of having so many mobile apps installed on their mobile devices. The demand of reliable and useful mobile app development has been increased. Therefore to stand out with your app you need to follow some of the app development trends that may rule in 2017:

1. Location-Based Services (LBS) to continue its rise

As most of the mobile devices are GPS enabled today, with the availability there is a need to evolve location based services and give users real-time information. Location-based services are useful to indoor mapping, location-specific payment portals, retail offers, security features, navigation, travel & tourism and more.

2. Advance hybrid technologies

All around the world companies are constantly using enterprise applications so the developers start inclined towards various tools like Ionic, AngularJS, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Cordova for agile hybrid app development.

3. Cloud Based Mobile App Development

The smartphone users worldwide prefer using applications with reliable cloud support. It is predicted that cloud computing will gain the momentum in few years. Various mobile applications like Dropbox, Gmail, and others hold the potential of cloud technology. It’s a tough call for mobile app developers to design mobile based apps that can be accessed through multiple devices without compromising the features and functionality.

4. Security will be critical

Although the mobile technology is moving very fast, the security threats have increased as well. Applying a two-step user authentication for mobile banking have become a common practice. Therefore developers are now asked to have a robust app transport security feature. You must have apps with inbuilt security features, either at the API level or with a simple code to access the app itself.

5. Internet of Things

No doubt, the growth of mobile app development and the internet of things will increase two-fold by the end of 2017.The trend of mobile application development and IoT find solutions in environmental monitoring, infrastructure and health care management through mobile connectivity.

6. User Experience

User experience will become the most dominating app development trend in 2017.An innovative and creative idea can help to construct a user-friendly mobile application.

7. The importance of diffused backgrounds

Designing a diffused background is difficult for all types of applications –however, developers are considering to build diffused backgrounds, with highlighted call-to-action tabs and buttons, and easily clickable areas. The reason behind this is to allow users focus on the main features of apps, with the backgrounds providing a minimal distraction.

Following these trends will help you found new technologies for entrepreneurs and consumers for having an exciting mobile app experience. If you’re looking for the custom app development services in Toronto, contact us at –


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