5 Free and Handy Android Apps for Designers


Nowadays, not all applications have the same functionality or feature means for those on android sometimes feel left out in cold when a new application is released. It is difficult to find out the most useful app that makes the smartphone and tablet devices powerful and useful.

Thankfully we have a lot of hard working developers out there to help you play with useful android and iOS apps. They have successfully closed the gap between Apple and Android. This means that if you are an android user who needs to try only Apple application, the android developer can give you an alternative. These mobile app developers develop android apps according to need of a user.
Today we will present the five most useful android apps for designers. Here are:

1. Designs Pro: Photo Studio Free

All android device came with a stock of photo editor but the Designs Pro is more than the average photo editor where you may crop or filter your image. Designers Pro is about giving your photographs however much inventive opportunity as could reasonably be expected while remaining easy to understand and easy to utilize notwithstanding for the most youthful of clients.

With a huge number of resources it has, you can add everything from filters to frames and even overlay content to your last picture. Transfer your creation to your social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Hangout, Tango, and Line.

2. Color Reference

If you have already used Kuler application, you will surely know the shading palette maker. CR will likely help you make the best of your outlines by giving motivation and permitting you to find new shading plans with the goal that you can enhance your CSS outlines.

3. Toolwiz Photos
As good as Designs pro is, it’s uncommon that an apparatus covers all that you require – now and then you’ll require a fallback. Enter Toolwiz Photos, the application offers you a free form of Photoshop’s toolbox, including a scope of one-tap impacts for quick planning.

4. Invoice and Estimates on the Go

Any working designer should have the capacity to deal with their invoice, charge their customers and, obviously, get a gauge of what the employment will cost them. Thankfully, Invoice Simple actually makes things basic for the planning consultant by offering their invoice and estimates application for nothing.

5. MediBang Paint

Ever needed to make a quick sketch but didn’t have a draw cushion convenient? MediBang Paint, a free, lightweight drawing mobile application that permits you to draw, paint and make anyplace while as yet having admittance to every one of the elements of the desktop rendition.

IMediadesigns is one of the reputed mobile companies in Canada, creating complex, high performance mobile apps that stay ahead of the rapidly changing pace of the mobile industry.


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