Improving Mobile Application User Experiences


It is less expensive to rethink an inspiration than to rewrite 1000’s of lines of code because someplace midway through a challenge, someone gets a great idea. by means of ensuring the mobile app is following excellent practices and recommendations from iOS and Android developer, your app will experience natural and clean to use – now not clunky, like a maze of bad design and code.
These are some of the questions you should ask your app developer about, before hiring any specific company or freelancer.
App Performance
Navigation structure
Native or Cross-platform
Following Developer Guidelines

Ensure good performance
The user wants that a mobile application is not slow to load and feels nice and light. The heavier applications are taken a lot of time in the app, and at a certain point, people will uninstall the app that takes lot of time in the startup.
Make sure that whatever developer you’ve got making your app knows a way to write performance optimized code, you’re laying the inspiration for a success app.
If you are already developing android app, and it feels slow – chances are you can do something about it – and it doesn’t should involve a completely new app, starting over from scratch. Rather it is possible these days, to optimize an app for speed and overall performance, especially for a low price, often optimizing the speed with the aid of as much as 200% and for that reason growing a basic better experience for all users.

Navigation structure
Identifying how the app needs to be navigable is an important thing of the planning process, and it is straightforward to downplay the importance of this issue. By way of having a navigation menu that is hard to get admission to, or is illogical in its setup, there’s a huge threat of turning away customers because they either can’t find the information they need or because the entire menu is functioning differently than the customers expected.
Ask your application mobile builders approximately the way to pleasant cross about this, don’t be afraid to invite them for references, to expose how they’ve handled this inside the beyond, and most importantly, agree with your personal instincts over the ones of the developers.
Of path, they are the experts, however, you’re only with the idea and in all likelihood have the great concept of the way the app need to appearance and sense, so if you don’t agree with how the shape and navigation feel – say so and make an alternate appear.

Native or cross-platform development
this could sound technical, but truly, it really method that native apps are applications designed for a particular brand of operating system, together with Android, iOS, or home windows telephone for example. If you wish to have the very quality capabilities, the maximum excellent performance, you may maximum in all likelihood need a native app designed simplest for iPhones for an example. This ensures that everyone functionality between software and hardware works a hundred% in line with how the producer’s intended it to paintings.

Developer guidelines
Both Google and Apple have launched considerable pointers on how excellent to continue with any kind of app improvement, and if you are inside the marketplace for purchasing app improvement, you may need to perform a little mild studying of these files.


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